Our solutions enhance waste collection organization,
reducing transportation costs for municipalities and providers


Route Optimization and Planning

Our dispatching software and driver applications employ advanced algorithms and AI for optimal waste collection routes. This includes finding the shortest path, efficient collection sequences, and adapting to real-time traffic conditions.

Collection Tracking

Our software empowers drivers to efficiently record waste collection data, enabling seamless tracking by dispatch. This boosts driver efficiency and enhances overall waste collection coordination.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Our dispatching software and driver applications streamline waste collection management, enabling more efficient planning and execution.

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Solutions for Dispatching, Drivers, and Clients


3 - 9 licenses


License / month

Unlimited Dispatching
Driver App
API Bridge


10 + licenses


License / month

Unlimited Dispatching
Driver App
API Bridge


99 + licenses


Individual price

Unlimited Dispatching
Driver App
API Bridge

Our licensing model is based on the number of drivers who can be online simultaneously. There's no restriction on the total number of registered drivers within the system.

Optional Modules

Client Interface

65 / month

Online Order
Android App
iOS App on AppStore

GSM Gateway

65 / month

SIM to GSM Gateway
Automatic SMS Sending
Personalized Text Option Included

Where can our app and solutions help?

Taxi Dispatching Services

EDISX offers a comprehensive solution for taxi services, providing both driver and client mobile apps. Enhance your trip planning and coordination, leading to more efficient driver utilization.

Courier Services

Our courier management app streamlines order management, facilitating coordination of all shipments in transit and enhancing control over the entire delivery process.

Emergency vehicles

The EDISX application is suitable for the management of emergency vehicles and enables significantly improved and highly efficient communication between dispatchers and individual vehicle drivers.

Waste Collection Management

Modern dispatching greatly enhances the efficiency of waste collection. With dispatching, you can optimize your waste collection routes for maximum efficiency.

Retail & Distribution

Modern dispatching and transportation applications make a significant contribution to process optimization. These technologies empower fleet management, route planning, delivery tracking, and ensuring on-time deliveries.

Service vehicles

Thanks to app control and dispatching, the efficiency of the entire process is increased. Customers can track the location of the vehicle in real time and be informed of the estimated time of arrival.

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